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Sims 4 December patch: UI Cheats and More Columns in CAS updated

Sims 4 mods and custom content escaped relatively unscathed from the December skin tones update.

Sims 4 December Patch Mods Updated

The Sims 4 surprised players on Monday by releasing the much anticipated skin tone overhaul patch update a day early. As with all updates to the game, mods and custom content can be affected to varying degrees.

The update included several bug fixes, a change to the home screen UI and added over 100 new skin tones and a customisation slider for skin tones and make up to the base game.

So far, though, the impact is not as extensive as first feared. You should still be sure to back up your game files prior to installing the update, though.

While custom skin tones are not showing up in Create-a-Sim after the Sims 4 December update, most other CC assets here remain usable ? with the opacity slider even working with most CC make up swatches.

Many Sims 4 mods, including the Brookheights Open World mod, also remained unaffected by the December update.

Creators whose mods were affected by the update have already started to roll out fixes. Most notably, two of the game’s most popular mods – More Columns in CAS  and UI Cheats Extension both by weerbesu – have already been updated.

Here are the creator notes from the updates to those mods after the most recent Sims 4 patch.

UI Cheats Extension v1.21 [12/07/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.69.57. This fixes the broken main menu, among other issues.
  • Added a new achievement cheat.
  • Added a new perk point cheat.

You can download the latest version of UI Cheats Extension on Patreon.

More Columns in CAS v1.14.1 [12/07/2020]

  • Fixed skin tones shifting to the left after using “undo”.

The latest update is available to download on Patreon.

If you are running into issues with your mods or CC, you should checkout the channels of the content creators to see if they have rolled out an update or if they are in the process of working on a fix.