Sims 4 Delivery Express: New items available now, for free

The first Sims 4 Delivery Express drop of 2022 has arrived, adding ?two Korean hanboks to the base game, free for all players on both PC and Console.

Now, it might appear that it’s just the ongoing effort from The Sims to try and be more inclusive of its global player base, but there is something worth noting about these outfits.

According to the website Asia Planet, Korean hanboks can be classified for three main purposes:  everyday dress, ceremonial dress, and special dress.

Interestingly, for those who like to indulge in a little speculation about new Sims 4 packs, these one of the occasions which these outfits are worn at is, drum roll please, weddings.

With the recent announcement of DLC coming to The Sims 4 in the next three months, including a new Sims 4 Game Pack, there are many signs that one of the releases will relate to weddings. The addition of these items will only strengthen that theory.  

How to find your new Sims 4 Delivery Express items

Finding Sims 4 Delivery Express content can be a bit tricky. They are free and added to the base game on both PC and console, but they are not marked with any distinctive icons. So if you have a lot of DLC or custom content (or both!), it is easy to miss it.

Your game should notify you that new content has been added and that you need to restart. After you do, your content will be accessible. If you do not receive these notifications, you might want to read our guide on how to set up The Sims 4 Delivery Express.

Finding the new content amidst all your other Sims 4 items without any distinctive icon or the usual Sims 4 new content marker is a bit of a pain. We have no doubt a Sims 4 modder is already plotting a way to improve this user experience, but you can also use the game’s filters to whittle down your search and make the process a bit easier.

For Create-a-Sim items like the ones jut added, toggle the filter menu at the top of your CAS items screen and select Base Game from the Packs section. That will, at the very least, limit the number of items that you have to scroll through to find your new Sims Delivery Express additions.

sims 4 delivery express filter base game

For this particular Sims 4 Delivery Express CAS drop, though, just don’t go looking for shoes. Both the Korean hanbok outfits include shoe overrides.

sims 4 delivery express korean hanbok shoes included whole outfit

Meaning, even if you wanted to choose different kicks for your Sims to pair with the outfit, you can’t. Well, you can choose the shoes, but the shoes on your Sim’s outfit won’t change.