Sims 4 Expansions and other DLC: Total released by year

Over the last few days, there has been much speculation that the only DLC that will be coming to The Sims 4 over the last few months of 2021 is Kits.

That means no new Sims 4 Expansion Pack ? or even Game Pack ? for the holiday season. Should that happen, it will be the first time since 2015 that the game has not had an Expansion Pack in November or December. It would also be the first time since 2017 that there was just one new Sims 4 Expansion Pack released.

Cost of all Sims 4 DLC by year

cost dlc

Kits, a new type of DLC announced earlier in 2021, has been described as a way of easing the content droughts between the release of the more substantial packs.

But so far, seven kits have been released for The Sims 4 with two more to come before the year is over. And if there is no additional DLC released, Kits will make up the largest percentage (in terms of total cost) of the cost of available DLC.

Total cost of Sims 4 DLC by year

Figures are shown as percent of the total cost of the DLC if all content was purchased.

percentage total cost

That last part is a bit of a sticking point, of course. One of the potential appeals of Sims 4 Kits is precisely because it is cheaper and more ?themed?, which allows players who do not have an unlimited budget to get bits of DLC.

 At the time when Kits were revealed, Sim Guru Frost said  it is unlikely that more than one Sims 4 Kit will be released at the same time in future (which turned out to be more likely with two Kits releasing at the same time in October). The Sims team also said that Kits won’t affect the release of other content.

Now, of course, stats are like puppets: reach deep enough and you can make them say anything, but Kits are very much dominating the stats for DLC this year.

Taken in isolation, it wouldn?t be such a big deal, but o much for Kits not impacting the release of other DLC.  It is even impacting the release of its own DLC.

A window that was seen in the promotional GIF for The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit was not part of the Kit. at the time of its release. Players were promised that the window would come in an update, but that has not yet happened and no further details have been given since.

There’s an Inside Maxis livestream scheduled for 26 October 2021, where some new content might be announced (although, The Sims previously said that there is a policy of Inside Maxis not being a platform to reveal details about upcoming DLC).

While The Sims have not confirmed or denied whether or not there will be an expansion for the holidays, there is plenty of speculation after a Sim Guru Frost responded to a question on Twitter relating to a roadmap for future content. The response was that the current Season of Selves (which does not make direct reference to a new Sims 4 Expansion Pack) covers the last three months of the year.