sims 4 scenarios update 2021

Sims 4 to add Scenarios in free update

The Sims 4 will add a new feature called Scenarios to the base game with an update set to roll out next week. This was revealed during the Inside Maxis live stream held on Tuesday. Players will have the option to start a New Scenario when they first load up the game.

Two types of Scenarios will be available when the update is first released. These are called Making Money and Finding Love After a Breakup.

The former is similar to the way players currently use their own challenges like the Rags To Riches challenge, for example. Another upcoming Scenario is called Too Many Toddlers (100 Baby Challenge, anyone?).

sims 4 challenge scenarios screen

When the update first launches, players will only be able to use Scenarios with new saves, but the team is working on a way to to make the feature available in all previously saved games. Each of these Scenarios will have different outcomes and different ways to reach them.

It is likely that these will run off the framework of the Lot Challenges that came with the Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion, with some additional functionality added to the Base Game UI.

sims 4 making money scenario

While the team were careful with covering some of the additional details – clearly they’ve learned from previous mistakes – part of the Create-a-Sim screen still had parts of a new panel relating to the Scenarios peeping through.

sims 4 new cas ui november 2021 update

There was also part of the UI in Live Mode that shows which Scenario is in play.