So long Sims 4 Eyeball Ring, we knew ye well – November update news

A great nemesis of Sims everywhere has (reportedly) finally been defeated. It has been a long and hard fight with brave modders helping Simmers in this titanic struggle.

From Willow Creek to Glimmerbrook with a pit stop in Sulani and everywhere else, the November 2020 update for the Sims 4 changed a lot. Platforms in build mode, vacation lots in every world, Sentiments to enhance personalities, to mention but a few.

However, many Simmers are rejoicing not because of the features mentioned above, but because the latest update (reportedly) marks the end of an agonising era.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape update has (reportedly) banished the much-maligned Eyeball Ring.

We say reportedly, because we have not actually played enough in live mode with the new update to confirm or deny that this is indeed true.

However, there is finally a new dawn, a new hope, a new era where the world of townie fashion will never be quite the same again.

In the patch notes for the Snowy Escape expansion pack update, there is a proclamation of victory, which reads:

Ever had Sims show up looking like a product of a bad makeover? Did your Debate Judge just show up to the debate wearing a mascot hat when they’re not the mascot? Did your fellow Spellcasters show up in the Magic Realm wearing not so magical clothes? Say no more? We have applied a fix so that non-playable Sims can be a bit more appropriately coordinated in their outfits and per occasion.

We created a much more robust set of internal tools that allows us to have greater control over the outfits that the Sims choose to wear in unique situations. We?ve improved a lot of the wacky townie fashion you?ve seen previously (it’s called fashion sweaty – look it up), but if you still see oddities – let us know. It?ll be an easier issue for us to ?iron out? moving forward! Together, we can defeat the dreaded eyeball ring.

Another big victory for Simmers against Stupidity is the promise that Sims will finally stop being unkind to perfectly good and functional dishwashers and sinks in kitchens.

Yes, that’s right, the November update also claims that Sims are finally smart enough to stop washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

What a time to be alive!