The Sims 4 new game pack hints: Future Cube mysteries to study

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Over the last few months, The Sims 4 team have been dropping vague and not so vague hints through the Future Cube. Some of these hints have already come to pass.

Others are still there. They might mean something. They might mean nothing. But while we wait to find out what the new Sims 4 game pack might be, we are all over finding clues in everything.

Ever since the icon for the new Sims 4 game pack leaked on the official EA site, Simmers have been searching for anything and everything that might reveal what the new Sims 4 game pack will be.

The theory that new Sims 4 pack has something to do with space (or if you go super niche, Star Wars) has emerged at the front runner out of a long list of potential candidates.

No one has confirmed or denied anything, but speculators are going to speculate, right? Especially since the Future Cube has actually been a thing that hints in the recent past.

Then there is Sim Guru George over on Twitter. With his cryptic messages that might mean nothing or might hint at something, he does a great job at sending Simmers on a wild goose chase.

Sims 4 new Future Cube hint?

Recently, we noticed a new ?prediction? appear form the Future Cube in The Sims 4. The response from the Future Cube, when asked about scientific mysteries, was: The mysteries of the universe shall be revealed with study!

That might have been there before and we just didn’t shake the silly cube long enough, but it was something we noticed when combined with another curious occurrence in The Sims 4. More on that shortly.

Look how stoked this Sim is about that answer. She’s beside herself. Moodlet to boot. The moodlet says The Future Cube has foretold… (H/T to Reedfish on The Sims 4 forums for reminding us of this).

Sims 4 New Future Cube Hint Speculation Game Pack 3

Previously (and it is actually still there), the Future Cube also said: The mysteries of the universe shall remain hidden…

Depending on the answers given by The Sims 4 Future Cube, the poor long-suffering Sim (it is all in the name of investigations), had different moodlets appear.

sims 4 future cube moodlets new game pack hint

Sims 4 possible new game pack hint: Orbital Pudding

Okay. But will it?  Well, maybe. The Sim also became a bit obsessed with reading the book ?Orbital Pudding?.

Sims 4 Study Orbital Pudding Interaction Game Pack Hint Read

Orbital Pudding is a non-fiction book by Zachary Quinn. The book’s description reads: A mountain-sized glob of coconut pudding is lobbed into orbit to study its potential for sustaining life on other planets. But there is something else about this specific Sims 4 book that made us look twice.

Sims 4 Study Orbital Pudding Interaction Game Pack Hint

Hrm. Curiously, that same book also has the “Study” interaction. Edit: Shoutout to comicsforlife on the Sims forum who first suggested that the interaction for “Study” might be new.

This Sim is not enrolled in University and her aspiration is to be a Friend of the Animals. She is not in the science career either. We did a few quick checks on some other books this Sim owns and the option for a study interaction did not come up on any of the others.

Here she is doing her studying of Orbital Pudding in The Sims 4. The alien thought bubble is probably just accidental (there are aliens in The Sims 4 already and the book is about life on other planets afterall…)

Sims 4 New Future Cube Hint Speculation Game Pack 3

We did do the interaction a few times and the thought bubble varied a bit, so we’re going to take that as not having any hidden meaning. Although, we never really know anymore, do we?

Zachary Quinn? Any relevance?

From our initial research, it doesn’t appear to be so. There is a person called Zachary Quinn, a founder of an apparel brand. Zachary Quinto, however, played Spock in Star Trek. Here we go again with the whole space theme.