Sims 4 Generations Sim Guru Speculation

Sims 4 Generations: Sim Guru hilariously fuels speculation

Ah, Simmers and speculation. While most of our attention has been dedicated to the new Sims 4 game pack, one Sim Guru had a hilarious exchange on Twitter on Wednesday.

Dave Miotke, aka SimGuruNinja, long-time Sims producer and part-time moustache man, opened a can of worms after a friendly exchange with a Simmer on Twitter.

Responding to a discussion about The Sims 4: Parenthood and the Generation expansion from The Sims 3, Miotke said:

“Two totally different packs and totally different sizes (one is an EP; the other  is a GP). Parenthood isn?t meant to be generations; it’s meant to make kids and the teens age more meaningful leading into adulthood.  (Don?t mind me nerding out – it’s my favorite game pack).” [sic]

That prompted a follow-up question from another Simmer asking if it still possible that The Sims 4 would get its own version of Generations in the future.

And that’s where the fun began.

Will The Sims 4 Generations expansion be a thing?

In response to the question Miotke simply said:

“Rule nothing out! (it could be fun, right?)”

It didn’t take long before Sim Guru Ninja realised what was about to come and that Simmers see hints in everything (we blame the Gurus themselves…. if you build yourself a reputation of dropping hints everywhere).

He later added:

“oh goodness. To folks trying to read too much into this…Not saying we are making this; just saying we haven’t made it in The Sims 4. (Parenthood isn’t Generations)” [sic]

Fortunately, both the Sim Gurus and the Simmers on Twitter took the whole thread with a pinch of salt and all with a good dose of humour.

Besides, there are actual things on the horizon for us to speculate about, right? There is a new game pack coming and despite an icon being leaked, we still have no real idea on what it might be.

All we have are some random hints (or are they?) by Mischief Maker In Chief, Sim Guru George, and some other random predictions by The Sims 4 Future Cube.