Sims 4 leaked game pack icon: Norse Mythology theory

Speculation continues around the leaked icon for the Sims 4 game pack with many Simmers hoping a teaser might finally arrive on Monday.

While a Star Wars crossover with the world inspired by the Disney Park is the most popular theory, we?ve been looking at a number of other possibilities.

We have considered whether it might be an underwater world of sorts ? like Atlantis.

We also speculated about the new Sims game pack being a winter resort, considering the previous hints. But there is one final theory we?ve been mulling over ? also based on some of the clues we mentioned in the theory around the pack being a winter world.

Before we continue, remember that this is just speculation. We have seen a few comments floating around about our Sims 4 speculation theories about the new game pack where people take it as gospel. Please note that these articles are pure speculation ? simply a way to put forward a different point of view while having some fun with dreaming about what future packs might be. With that out of the way, let’s continue.

Sims 4 leaked game pack icon: Norse mythology theory

 While some have toyed with the idea of a Greek mythology type of game pack, another possibility is a Norse mythology game pack, possibly with a Viking/winter crossover.  

Norse, simply means Nordic. In our theory about why the leaked icon could hint at a Sims 4 winter game pack, we mentioned the references to Nordic or Scandinavia made throughout several Sims trailers and in packs this year so far.

We?ve also looked at why the ?inverted? leaked icon for the new Sims 4 game pack might not mean anything at all. But what if it does?

Bifr’st, Bilr’st or Bivrost ? the rainbow bridge connecting the world of the gods in Norse mythology to the human world. This is the visual that really got us thinking about this as option.

Image via Fandom

According to folklore, the Bifr’st rainbow bridge connects Asgard and Midgard ? the land of the humans. The bridge leads down to Midgard from a mountain on Asgard (the land of the gods).

The visual interpretations of what these worlds look like do vary widely, but there are strong similarities with some of the landscapes. The domed roof is often depicted in Asgard while Midgard has strong mountain landscapes.

The Sims 4 Norse Mythology Theory

Norse mythology also has Sol and Mani ? the two chariot riders (remember the horse game code that appeared?) who are in charge of carrying the moon and sun with their chariots.

Several visual depictions of these bear a resemblance to the circles seen in the leaked icon for the new Sims 4 game pack.

Sims Leaked Game Pack Icon Theory Mythology
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Sims 4 game pack: Is Norse mythology realistic?

Occult play is quite common in the Sims 4. While the Vikings themselves were notoriously violent, the gameplay might not centre around them so much.

Introducing deities can be considered risky, but the interpretation might not centre around the deities themselves entirely – and won’t be too dissimilar to the familiars or ancestral play already in the game.

The worlds could also simply be the background for a winter world. While it is probably a slightly more “out there” theory about what the new Sims 4 game pack might be, it would be absolutely magnificent for builders. The possible ancient build style also reminds us about the job spec for a concept artist posted by The Sims 4 earlier this year.

Whatever the new Sims 4 game pack is – we, like many other Simmers – hope the teaser arrives soon.