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The Sims 4 new pack speculation: Wedding planner or matchmaker

Will love be in the air in future Sims 4 content? We have a theory that it just might be so.

Sims 4 Wedding Planner Pack Speculation

Remember, as the title states, this is speculation. While we endeavour to make a solid case for our speculation theories, none of these have been confirmed by EA? until they have been confirmed by EA.

Sims 4 Wedding Planner Stuff Pack Speculation

The Sims 4 will be getting another stuff pack and another expansion pack sometime soon. More details on the game?s next expansion pack will come ?in a matter of weeks? and theories around what that might behave already started.

Yesterday, we looked at why a winter vacation expansion pack might fit with some of the clues we have seen throughout the year, but we want to revisit something else.

Wedding planner pack for the Sims 4 theory

A recent leak on Origin revealed that The Sims 4 will be getting its 18th stuff pack at some point in the future.

Both EA and The Sims acknowledged that the leak was authentic, but nobody shared any further details. However, the responses by both the official Sims Twitter account and one of the Gurus were curious.

Both responses featured an element of romance. We have already had a brief look at what a possible romance pack would look like, but we wanted to explore the idea a bit further and look specifically at the possibility of a wedding planner stuff pack.

As already mentioned, the theme of a possible romance pack has cropped up a few times in community surveys.

In the surveys, improvements around weddings have been a consistent theme. Matchmaking ? be that through a Sim or an app for your Sims has also featured quite prominently.

In our previous speculation about a romance theme for the next Sims 4 stuff pack, we cited one previous survey that centred around the theme.

That survey mentioned weddings being ?bigger than ever? and additions like asking Sims? parents for permission to marry as well as throwing a pre-wedding party.

In another survey, weddings cropped up again. Here?s the description from that.

Live out your Sims’ wedding fantasies and have the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, select and customize the perfect wedding party, and spruce things up with exclusive wedding food and d?cor.

Two other features were also mentioned, the dating app and romantic getaway locations. First, the description for the dating app.

SimMatch Dating App: Help your Sims find their soulmate or a fun fling for the night with the new SimMatch app. Pick out the perfect selfie, fill out their profile, and decide how honest your Sims want to be.

The romantic getaway locations will probably be a bit much for a stuff pack (unless we have our speculation theories the wrong way around).

But the getaway idea fits in with the recent update which allows Sims to elope to destination worlds.

Romantic Getaway Locations: Take your Sims out for the perfect date at one of the new romantic getaway locations including a cozy bed and breakfast or the swanky eco-lounge.

Ooh la la. We can’t wait to see if love will be in the air.

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