ts4 wedding pack

New Sims 4 Game Pack hints at Sims saying I do

Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime in The Sims 4, it seems.

Unless The Sims 4 team are about to pull off one of the greatest blindside reveals of all time, it appears that the theories about the first Game Pack of 2022 will indeed relate to weddings.

Of course we stress that, at the time of writing, nothing had been confirmed, but a clue on the official Sims website seems to suggest wedding bells are ringing.

In their roadmap for the next three months (the first of 2022), The Sims 4 revealed that two new Kits (one now confirmed as being the Carnaval Streetwear Kit) and a new Sims 4 Game Pack is on the cards.

As is customary with The Sims 4, details weren’t revealed, but clues were scattered all around for those curious enough to look.

With many wedding motifs spotted on the graphic for the road map, a wedding-planner Sims 4 pack theory doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

January 2022?s Sims 4 update also added some curious romantic interactions, seemingly setting the stage for that romance pack. Sims with the ?Villainous Valentines aspiration can now influence other Sims with the Convince to Leave Spouse?interaction.

There were a few other mentions of romance and relationships in the official patch notes and SimGuruRusskii referred to this being Confetti Season.

And over on the official Sims website, a teaser for the upcoming Sims 4 Game Pack simply says: Say I do.

sims 4 say i do game pack

The colour-coded cards (Sims 4 Game Packs are blue, Kits are purple), which map out what players have to look forward to over the coming months include short snippets as their teasers. The Game Pack card stating Say “I Do” is probably one of the clearest hints at at a wedding-themed pack yet. The other two cards said Party Everyday (now known to be Carnaval) and Extra to the Max (a yet-to-be revealed Kit).