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Editing Sims 4 apartment exterior: Weird glitch makes it possible

Is it a glitch or did an update that allows for editing of apartment exterior in The Sims 4 sneak in without us noticing?

Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

Call us Speculating McSpeculatingFace, but perhaps the idea of the next Sims 4 expansion pack having a ?create your own town? theme is not so crazy after all.

Unless, of course, this has been a thing for a while and we just missed the news. If that?s the case, we apologise profusely for our ignorance and for looking really silly.

We already know that the September update patched in loads of debug building shells, but while playing around with remodelling some apartments for our made-up house flipper career, something odd happened.

Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

The exterior of the apartments in Evergreen Harbor (the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack neighbourhood) was editable. As you might recall, editing the exterior of the building was not possible when the expansion pack was released due to the dynamic gameplay element.

While the focus was largely around the Pinecrest apartment balcony ? which early access footage showed could be edited ? painting the exterior of apartment buildings is not possible in The Sims 4. Or rather? it wasn?t.

We are not sure whether this is just a glitch or if there is something else going on, but with a bit of manoeuvring, we are able to edit the exterior of Sims 4 apartments in both Evergreen Harbor and San Myshuno.

It seems to happen only when an existing internal wall is rotated so that it faces or becomes the exterior wall.

At first we thought it might be due to some of our mods ? specifically TwistedMexi?s Better BuildBuy mod. But we moved our entire mods folder out of the game and the changes we made to the exterior had?err?stuck so to speak. And it was still possible to paint the exterior of these Sims 4 apartments.

Sims 4 Paint Apartment Building Exterior

Nothing changes when switching to world view. The apartments still look just like they usually do on the map. But even when returning to the building in live mode, the exterior changes remain.

Changeexterior Pinecrest Sims 4

We also tried to add windows, but that was not possible and the warning of “you cannot make changes outside of your owned area” popped up. We have not played through a save with a Neighbourhood Action Plan being enacted to see what impact it would have.

There are known issues with bulldozing Pinecrest apartments in The Sims 4, but this is something quite different.

We also noticed that there have been a few complaints on the EA help forums about problems when editing the interior of apartments in Evergreen Harbor.