sims 4 paranormal stuff pack object descriptions

Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Build/Buy object descriptions

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack has arrived and while there are pressing matters to deal with – such as starting a family with Bonehilda or Guidry the Ghost – there are also some mundane matters to discuss. Not that object descriptions in The Sims are ever mundane. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We know that The Sims love to hint at new content through Build/Buy items, like the Paranormal Plates that came with Snowy Escape. Even when there aren’t any hints hidden in the new goodies, the object descriptions will at least deliver a giggle.

Below, we have listed all the descriptions of the Build/Buy and even the debug items that come with the Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff pack. Just a word of warning – if you do not like spoilers and you have not played the game yet, you might run into some spoilers below.

In some cases, the descriptions have been edited for style (returning the missing vowels to their rightful linguistic place and so on). We’ve also tried to include a few screengrabs of the items that come with the pack. The items are quite kitsch, but definitely reusable. They are somewhat reminiscent of the colourful items that came with a free update for Hispanic Heritage month last year.

Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff – Build/Buy descriptions

sims 4 paranormal stuff descriptions

The Veil Beaded Curtain

Is this really THE veil we’ve all heard so much about? Okay, so it’s not the veil that separates the living and the dead, but this curtain still got lots of fantastic uses, most of which are interior decoration related, but if you put a lot of thought into it, you could probably come up with a list of occult reasons too. Shiny!

Great Auntie’s Desk     

This antique beauty once belonged to Great Aunt Blanche, but it’s unclear on whose Great Aunt she actually was. Was she your Great Aunt, my Great Aunt, a distant friend of the family? One thing is certain though: Great Aunt Blanche was a cheek-pincher. At any family gathering, she would be there, pinching cheeks of anyone under her age.

Spectre Sip

Take a sip of the most cool, refreshing drink there is: Specter Sip! Aaah! Soulful and fizzy! If you’ve ever drunk a part of somebody’s soul, you’ll know that their memories and general essence come with it, so get ready to sponge it all up and revel in the strangeness.

Curiously Constructed Fireplace    

This fireplace was constructed using stones from an old morgue. Why anyone thought that was ever a good idea is unclear, but worse decisions have been made. For example, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are a thing. Further musings on both topics, however, does yield the thought that perhaps there are people who want a fireplace made of morgue bricks, and people who are wondering when this sentence will be over so they can take a nice juicy bite out of their peanut butter and pickle sandwich.


Nowadays, creating recipes with what is at hand is the norm, so why not use Ectoplasm for baking? We can’t validate the nutritional value of Ectoplasm but it does make for a great ingredient for a cake that is fluffy and levitating with flavour.

Oh, The Suspense! Suspended Lights      

The floor creaked beneath her feet as she followed the apparition down the old hallway. The ghostly figure was clearly trying to tell her something… but what? Suddenly, she realized a trap door lay at her feet. Maybe this secret cavern held the key to discovering the old manor’s most hidden mystery. She decided she would pull it open on the count of three. One… two – all of a sudden she noticed three lovely lights swinging above her and wondered where the manor’s decorator got them. Those lights were just what she was looking for to complete her dining room! The antique metal finish… the vintage glass. Perfection! She let go of the trap door and pulled out her phone to take reference shots for later… and maybe one for Simstagram. She couldn’t believe her luck. The lighting fixtures of her dreams in the most unexpected of places!

Deviant Sun Table Light        

Did that light just move? This table light is a tad wicked in the sense that it looks like it could jump up and run off any second. Rest assured that it hasn’t yet, but we can’t really guarantee anything. Nothing is certain in life… or in lights. What we can guarantee is a cute little light which may or may not be plotting to run off with your candelabra. Cheeky…

Sacred Candles   

Spirits begone! Place sacred candles to protect Sims and lower fear. But beware, some entities will try to blow them out! Keep them lit and help your Sims get a good night’s sleep! Made from only the finest Wraith Wax.

Moment of Peace Tea Set Tray       

If your life has experienced an upheaval recently, or you have a sense things might go topsy-turvy any day now, prepare yourself with this calming tea tray. A peaceful treat in any circumstance, whether you’re dealing with monumental stress, scary times, or minor everyday annoyances. Remember: take a moment for yourself!

Revelling Petals Wall Sconce

Revelling in the night is fun, until you trip over your own feet. This playful petal shaped wall sconce lets you enjoy the evening all you want without risk of careening head first into a punch bowl or smashing into a grand piano. All fun ways to expire, but really spoils the party for everyone else.

The Pictures of Darius Taupe

As the story goes, Darius Taupe, the last owner of this eclectic collection of art was quite surprised to see his portrait appear on the wall. Thinking it was some sort of prank, he confronted a friend who then denied any involvement. The strange incident was reported to the local police who weren’t quite sure what to do. After all, the property had been added, not stolen. A week later, Taupe’s friend reported him missing… but his portrait still remained until it was collected as evidence. A mystery that doubles as a great gallery wall!

Portrait of Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry Post Mortem   

Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry, Present Day. Paranormal Investigator, beloved flirt, and paranormal entity. Perished in an untimely Murphy Bed accident.

Portrait of Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry      

Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry, 1883-1920: Paranormal Investigator and beloved flirt.

Temperance’s Manor   

A painting of the last known residence of Temperance: malicious spirit, avid poltergeist, and former love interest of Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry. Rumour has it, she’s recently moved…

Uncommon Ivy   

Let this sprawling ivy creep into your heart and choke you up with its beauty. It’s just looking for a little TLC: Tendril loving care.

Botanical Arrangement No. 108     

What happened to the first 107 botanical arrangements? Oh, never you mind that. Moving swiftly on, this lovely arrangement features preserved alstroemeria flowers. These flowers help draw wealth and good fortune into your space, but also symbolize friendship… even on the otherworldly plane. Place in an area you’d like to create positivity and friendly vibes.

The Palm Reader’s Palm Tree         

In the house of Goth, many things have been around for generations but the most surprising one is this palm tree which dates back generations. It’s technically a houseplant, so shouldn’t it be dead by now?! According to Goth family lore, this tree used to grace the parlour of a palm reader. One day, the tree bore a single coconut which dropped onto the noggin of the palm reader during a reading. Irritated that she didn’t predict the unpleasant bop on the head, the palm reader gave the palm to her old friend: Lady Ravendancer Goth. The tree never produced any more coconuts, but still…watch out.

Botanical Arrangement No. 7         

Often the best way to dissipate negative energy fields is stabilize them first. This botanical arrangement uses preserved fig leaf, maple, and royal purple branches gathered in a rope wrapped vase. Promotes feelings of calm, safety, and stability. We can’t guarantee placing this lovely arrangement will yield fewer ghosties and ghoulies, but they’ll definitely admire your d?cor choices.

Almost Completely Normal Coffee Table

A lovely yet ordinary coffee table. It doesn’t fly. It doesn’t talk. It doesn’t recite creepy poems. It doesn’t contain trapped spirits and it can’t dance. It just sits there. It does have a small scratch on the underside of it though, which is why we can’t advertise it as completely normal.

Goo Puddle         

A puddle of something… is that a face?

Mysterious Rune

A mysterious accursed rune.

Occult Markings 

What are these encrypted symbols and what do they mean? Where did they come from? Are they an ancient prophecy? Either way, they look cool. Like one of those foreign language tattoos that you eventually find out is a grocery list or a naughty word.

Chalk S?ance Circle

It’s a s?ance on the go! If you don’t have a full s?ance table setup, this chalk circle can help perform many of the same functions.

Threads of Fortune Rug 

After the old library was demolished, the foreman discovered a long-forgotten rug amongst the debris. Miraculously, it sustained little damage. It is rumoured that the rug used to adorn the floor of the occult section and inadvertently been exposed to mumbled protective spells over the years. Or maybe it was just lucky. It’s also possible that it’s just a plain, ordinary rug that’s rugly duties have not been fulfilled yet, and so it gets to stay in this mortal plane at least a little longer…

Twisted Tendril  

A weed-like tendril that appears on Haunted lots.

Strange Overgrowth     

Unlike the Twisted Tendril, this Strange Overgrowth is actually friendly! It seems to be quite resilient too, what on earth is this thing feeding on anyway?

Grumpy Spectre Jar     

This is a jar full of grumpy spectres who have a bit of an attitude problem! They’re kind of irritable, but they’re dead and live in a jar so their outlook on life or lack thereof is pretty understandable.

Creepy Doll         

A not so friendly doll…

Clay Hands

Oozy clay hands that appear from the ground.

Amuse-Bouche Cowplant Terrarium       

Housed in a petite terrarium, this compact cowplant can be your new best friend, provided you keep it well-fed. Normal varieties of Cowplants AKA Laganaphyllis Simnovorii are large enough to swallow a sim whole, but this mini variety thankfully does not have that big of an appetite. Still, it’s best not to tempt fate. Avoid tapping on glass. A miniature stature does not equal a miniature attitude.

Hello Dahlia       

Need therapy? You can tell Dahlia anything! Talking to Dahlia will soothe and decrease fear, so let it all out. She’s here for you!

Statue of Horus  

A gentleman named Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry acquired this falcon statue during his world adventures years ago. It is said to be a symbol of power and healing, with eyes that represent the sun and moon. Those closest to Guidry say he kept the statue close to him, even during his final days.

Soul Scrap 

Spectres will sometimes leave soul scraps behind. Soul scraps are pieces of… you guessed it… souls! The soul of a Sim which is contained inside an orb by the mystical power of runes. Souls are a delicious delicacy! Snack on a soul scrap if you’re wanting to feel rejuvenated, or if you just want a weird story to tell your friends sometime.

Display Only Clay Hands      

A less accursed version of the clay hands that might appear while living on a haunted lot. These ones are only for decoration, although you must be going for some pretty creepy decor to want these in you house.

Spectre Buddies Jar     

This jar contains friendly specters. Specter buddies are benevolent spirits who want to help you out!  Now that’s a good specter!

Mopey Spectre Jar       

This jar contains mopey specters who are pretty bummed out that they don’t get to eat ice cream or go to the beach anymore. Womp womp. Poor little Specters! At least they can hang out with you!

Bizarre Idol         

Paranormal investigator Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry picked up one of these bizarre idols while investigating a haunted museum in the early 1900s. He found out the hard way that it wards off any particularly nasty supernatural entities, including Temperance. If you don’t know who Temperance is, you’ll find out soon enough… and you might want some of these idols around for when that time comes. She doesn’t like them, and they sure don’t like her. How bizarre!

Lady Ravendancer’s Crystal Ball    

It’s a crystal. Nothing more. But it is highly sensitive to spirit activity, which is a fancy way of saying if you have it on the table during a s?ance, it lights up!

Helping Hand     

This statue has the ability to alter the rules of a Haunted House slightly. Capable of making things more challenging, or ensuring a certain ghost doesn’t appear at night. These rules are entirely optional, and can be disabled if you change your mind.

Book of Silhouettes      

Silhouettes were all the rage in the Victorian era, and with your help they can make a comeback. If you’re fed up with Simstagram filters and photo manipulation, let’s take it back to basics: shadowy solid profiles! Never worry about your makeup, hair or complexion in a photo again.

Unassuming Candy Jar         

Spectres will sometimes leave jars of candy behind. These sweet treats are basically the fruit cake of the spirit world, a welcoming gesture meant with the best of intentions. Go on, have one! But maybe not too many. Taking candy from strangers is an even better idea when the stranger is on another plane of existence.

Wraith Wax        

Wraith Wax is used to create sacred candles – a great way to keep calm and carry on during hauntings! Thanks to the otherworldly properties of Wraith Wax, you don’t need any candle making skills. Whew!

Good Mojo Macram?   

Found at an eclectic flea market, this macram? wall hanging has a fine sense of style and an overall aura of good vibes. Why anyone would give it up is a mystery!

Ghost Club Sideboard and Hutch   

This snazzy sideboard hails from the old headquarters of one of the oldest paranormal investigation groups in the world, and still comes with a few old case journals intact! Recommended reading: The Case of the Jilted Boo, Inspector Specter, and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s an Animated Skeleton Wearing a Maid Outfit.

Bewitching Bohemian Shelf  

Discovering your home may be severely haunted might come as a surprise to many, but eventually, you’ll have to move on and start thinking about adding some personality to your space… aside from the phantom personalities that are already there. After all, dwelling on the past is what caused all these spirits to stick around in the first place. We suggest this boho inspired shelf, which adds a striking design element to any room. Pothos plant included!

S?ance Chair       

You’ve heard of a s?ance table… but the s?ance chair plays an important role as well in summoning otherworldly spirits. Have you tried conducting a s?ance while standing? It just won’t work. Unaligned chakras… etc. The first thing they teach in s?ance school is that in order to talk to properly address the spirit world your rear end must be fully supported at all times. It’s just science.

Dearly Departed Parlour Chair       

A stylish chair which once adorned the parlour of the eccentric Mrs. Speck. According to historical diary entries written by her family, Mrs. Speck was very wealthy and obsessed with vanity. This particular chair is said to have been where she would sit and comb her tall bouffant hair every morning before she swam in the lily pond behind her mansion. Her housekeeper joked with her that her hair was getting so tall, the weight of it would give her neck pain.

Sadly, one day she went for her morning swim and never returned. No one knows exactly what happened to her, but many have speculated. Rumours swirled around her social circles for a while, and then she was forgotten in time. On the upside, this chair is in excellent condition!

Guidry’s Favourite Chair       

Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry was above all else, a serial romantic — but on nights when he wasn’t out on the town with the ladies and gents, he could be found in his favourite chair. A lover of love, Guidry spent many evenings by the fire entertaining his romantic conquests…though eventually, he would move onto the loveseat. Wink!

Guidry’s Frisky Loveseat 

This plush loveseat once belonged to the eligible bachelor and socialite, Claude Ren? Duplantier Guidry. Guidry has always had somewhat of a “reputation”, but boy did he earn it! The only thing Guidry loves more than life is love, and he carried out many of his flirtatious encounters on this very loveseat. We don’t blame anyone who falls head over heels for this piece of furniture… or its former owner.

Violetta Von Victoria’s Loyal Sofa  

This decadent velveteen sofa bounced around several thrift shops before finding its way into the break room of a local cemetery. Recognizing it had the potential for greatness, the gravedigger had it appraised only to find out it once belonged to Violetta Von Victoria… someone he had recently interred. This sofa clearly was trying to make its way back to its beloved owner. So close, sofa. Now that’s true love.