Bonehilda babies and how she looks in the flesh

After much hype, The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack is here ? complete with quirky object descriptions and the return of Bonehilda.

While her return has had a mixed reception, ?due to the absence of her coffin living quarters, it will surprise absolutely no one that most Simmers have been getting to know her a bit better.

Whenever The Sims releases new content, there are usually two questions players ask immediately: are there any new deaths and can we get it on with the new NPCs? Well, the answer to the latter is yes, you can Woohoo with Bonehilda in The Sims 4. And yes, she can have babies.

how to summon bonehilda sims 4

To get Bonehilda to appear in The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff, you?ll have to use the S?ance Table. Your Sim will have to work on their Medium Skill before they even have the option to summon her, so if you have plans for a bagging bones, getting practising. From there, you can watch her boogie or err.. get to know her a bit better.

What Bonehilda looks like in the flesh

Depending on how well you want to get to know Bonehilda, you might even get to see her in the flesh ? literally. If you decide to get intimate with your skeletal friend, you might notice that she  sometimes has a few?out of body experiences.

If you played any of the previous editions of The Sims, you might remember a similar glitch occurring when Bonehilda invited you on a date. When your Sim showed up for the date, they?d be greeted not by a skeleton, but by a fully fleshed out Sim.

having bonehilda babies the sims 4 paranormal

There’s a similar situation in The Sims 4, with Bonehilda getting out of her skeletal costume to get under the covers. That’s because Bonehilda is not a life state in The Sims, but an outfit. So when she gets her kit off, she gets her skin on.

Yep, in The Sims 4, Bonehilda is a red-haired Sim with self-esteem issues we can all relate to. Seriously. Look at these moodlets the poor woman has to deal with.

bonehilda moodlets

Relatable, babe. Perhaps the curse of the puddles appearing everywhere after Sims get water is all part of her plan for revenge rather than a bug. Perhaps, but probably not.

Adding Bonehilda to your Sims 4 household and starting a family

Bonehilda sort of just leaves when she feels she’s done her job after being summoned, so we?re not entirely sure what would happen if she had a baby Bonehilda going when not part of your household.

So, the best way to go about this is to head straight for using the cheats. And the easiest cheat to achieve this is the good old Shift-Click cheat. Turn testing cheat on as you normally would and then add her to your family.

This is not a birds and the bees talk, so we’re not going to go into those details, you should know by now how this whole Woohoo thing works in The Sims.

Bonehilda’s pregnancy will be like every other Sim, meaning she will experience morning sickness, self-esteem issues and can have her baby at the hospital when she goes into labour.

sims 4 bonehilda pregnancy

Bonehilda’s babies will even be regular Sim rather Skeletal Sim babies, often with her red hair inherited, depending on Parent Two.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes Bonehilda and Father Winter can have a baby. We tried. Yeah, we don’t make the rules.

bonehilda and father winter baby

Turning Bonehilda from skeleton to Sim

If you would prefer to have the mother of your babies not look like a skeleton all the time, you can remove the Bonehilda outfit in Create-a-Sim once you have added her to your household.

bonehilda in the flesh

This is changed as you do with any other outfit in CAS. If you want to keep a bit of nostalgia, you can always keep one or two of Bonehilda’s outfits in her skeletal form.