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The Sims Resource now allows creators to share rooms

If you play The Sims 4 (or The Sims 3 actually), and you love custom content, you’ve probably heard of The Sims Resource website.

It’s Sims 4 CC paradise. You can find pretty much anything for your game here. From Springbok rugby jerseys (yes, really) to spectacular builds and amazing objects, it is an absolute goldmine of amazing creations.

Until recently, though, it was not possible to share rooms on their own. You could share lots, but not rooms. For many builders, building full lots can be too time-consuming, so rooms are a great way to share creations with fellow Simmers, especially if you love decorating.

For players, using rooms from other creators is a quick and easy way to put together a house, if building is not your thing.

But starting from around late September 2020, TSR added rooms to the categories of available uploads.

Downloading Sims 4 rooms on The Sims Resource

If you are going to use the rooms keep in mind that many of these will most likely have custom content added to them.

Creators have to add links to the CC they use in builds in the notes, so be sure to check them out and download any content you need if you want your TSR room to look like it does in the screenshot.

As you might imagine, getting all the links added and downloading all the needed CC can be quite a challenge – so the room downloads section TSR isn’t quite as full as the other parts, but there are some beautiful creations up there already.