Sims 4 mods: Travel to any hidden lot using the phone

We know we keep saying it, but we just have to say it again: Sims 4 modders and custom content creators are worth their weight in gold.

From big fixes to recipe or emotions enhancements and big changes like the Sims 4 Open World of Brookheights or the ability to change the exterior of apartment buildings through the T.O.O.L mod, creators do wonderful things.

 A new mod from TwelfthDoctor1 is the perfect example of how much of a difference one fairly simple mod can make.

Accessing hidden lots in The Sims 4 with the phone

You probably know that there are a few hidden lots in The Sims 4. Lots like Sylvan Glade, for example, are only accessible through your Sim doing a bit of exploring.

The new Sims 4 expansion pack, Snowy Escape, came with three hidden lots on Mt. Komorebi. Sims can only access these by going on their climbing excursion ? which they have to do by starting a social event.

It can get quite annoying if you just want your Sim to go have some fun on the mountain. Or, if you’re a cruel tyrant who wants to see what it takes to push a Sim to their limit while rock climbing.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to access the new hidden lots in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, getting to them is a mission.

Well, unless you grab this super simple mod called Travel To Venue created by TwelfthDoctor1.

This is actually an update of one of their previous mods which allowed for travelling to vacation worlds to just visit rather than the whole renting a spot and taking a vacation procedure.

Sims 4 New Travel To Venue Hidden Lot Mod

Here’s the full mod description from TwelfthDoctor1’s Tumblr (where you can also download the mod from).

This mod allows Sims to travel to hidden, special or vacation lots.

Denote: This mod lets the traveller Sim to go to vacation worlds without planning for a vacation. However, this does not allow the traveller Sim to rent a lot at that world.

To travel, open up your phone and under Travel, Select the Interaction: Travel To Venue.

Under Travel To Venue, if you choose Hidden Lots, you can choose the following lots:

  • Sylvan Glade [BG]
  • Forgotten Grotto [BG]
  • Deep Woods [OR]
  • Scientist Lab [GTW]
  • Police Station [GTW]
  • Hospital [GTW]
  • Sixam [GTW]
  • Temple [JA]
  • Studio [GF]
  • Secret Lab [SV]
  • Magic Realm [RoM]
  • Mt. Komorebi Base Camp [SE]
  • Croft Icefall [SE] (I named it as Ice Croft Waterfall, by mistake)
  • Mt. Komorebi Peak [SE]

We are not worthy, Doc.