All tourist attractions in the ‘new’ Sims 4 vacation worlds

The November update for The Sims 4 finally allows players (and Sims, of course) to vacation in all the worlds the game has to offer. Previously, Sims could only go on vacation in specific worlds.

That’s why we call them ‘new’, they are not ‘new’ worlds, but they are new to being tourist destinations. Make sense? Anyway.

While the existing destination worlds will remain as mere destination worlds (for now…), Sims can now go on holiday wherever their virtual hearts desire.

Earlier this year, The Sims 4 updated the neighbourhood descriptions for those regions which did not have them yet. Now, all these regions also have a ‘tourist brochure’ description to try and lure holidaymaker Sims.

The descriptions will display only if the neighbourhood has an active rental lot and will be visible when players choose the “Take a Vacation” interaction for their Sim.

Some of these areas are more convincing than others, of course. But how is anyone supposed to compete with the great Bob Pancakes?

Willow Creek

Pendula View

Slumber amidst sophisticated gardens and enjoy the city’s namesake willows.


Take in the sites of the old ferry boat along the Willow Creek canal. She lights up the night!

Home to Bob Pancakes

Stroll around Courtyard Lane for a chance to see the Legendary Bob Pancakes.

Oasis Springs

Brontosaurus Bend

Visit your home away from home in the desert suburbs of Brontosaurus Bend.

Abandoned Mine 

The old forgotten mine near Accusation Butte is a must-see for any explorer. 

Mirage Canyon Lookout 

Visit Oasis Springs? namesake body of water while passing through Mirage Canyon 


Lots of Space!

Looking for vast open space to ponder your next building project? Look no further.

Peace and Quiet 

Not everyone wants an adrenaline rush on their vacation. Find peaceful refuge here.

Plenty Room to Jog

Newcrest is the perfect location to get those steps in that you’ve been promising yourself.

Magnolia Promenade

Scout Out Your Shop Location

Looking for the perfect spot to finally open your own retail business? Search no more!

Outdoor Park Activities

Keep the kids entertained with a small playground and a small outdoor eating area.

Watch the Ducks 

Enjoy a quiet outdoor seating area near the river where the ducks like to play.


The Bluffs

Visit this steamy, secluded natural pool overlooking the crystalline Lake Windenburg.

Von Haunt Estate

The original owners of this preserved estate loved it so much they are still here!

Olde Platz Ruins 

Take a leisurely stroll around the old ruins that used to circle Windenburg Castle.

San Myshuno


Festivals are happening daily in San Myshuno, so you’ll never be short of fun things to do.


Who needs sleep? Experience the city at night and all the unique folks you may meet.

Myshuno Meadows

Enjoy some lovely views of the city while jogging or playing ball in this Centre Park.

Forgotten Hollow

Great for Night Owls 

The sun rises later and sets earlier here, meaning you can enjoy more hours of darkness.

Local History

Tour relics of founders and meet residents that have ?lived? here for generations.

Unique Flora 

Rare plants like Plasmafruit and the Sixam Mosquito Trap can only be found here.

Brindleton Bay

The Best Dog Walking Paths

for a trip that will truly impress your pup, nothing beats Cavalier Cove’s sandy dog walking paths 


Deadgrass Isle has the most creative spot for couples looking to spice up their love life.

Whiskerman’s Wharf 

Come for the sea breeze, chowder and lobster rolls. Stay for the cuddly local kitties.

Del Sol Valley

Starlight Boulevard 

Stroll the Boulevard and spot tiles of star Brytani Cho and Dirk Dreamer. 

Picturesque Views 

Assuming the day is nice and clear, The Pinnacles offer a fantastic view of Del Sol Valley.


Del Sol Valley is the prime location for a chance at meeting a Proper Celebrity.


Strangerville Plaza

Visit the Strangeville information Centre  This place is way more interesting than the Secret Lab.

Shady Acres Vista

Boasting the most beautiful view Strangerville has to offer, stay at Shady Acres and you too can wonder with all this wealth comes from.

Interesting Locals 

You’d be hard-pressed to find hospitality like this anywhere else. just try not to let them get too close?


Active Volcano 

get up close and personal with Sulani’s active volcano, or admire it safely from afar…

Ocean Activities 

Sulani’s crisp ocean waters are your aquatic haven for swimming. snorkeling or making a dolphin friend.

Local Culture 

Meet new friends and learn about local culture and various local events in Ohan?ali Town.


Magic Portal 

there are there are tales of a portal above the Glimmer Brook waterfall.are you brave enough to see where it leads? 

Casters Alley

Casters Alley within the Magic Realm is your go to shopping spot for wands, potions  and brooms.


Make this a truly magical vacation. Cauldrons are brewing and spells are a-casting here and Glimmerbrook.


University of Britechester Campus

Come tour the historic University of Britechester where a budding artist can flourish!

Foxbury Institute Campus

Come visit the innovative campus of Foxbury to see if a future in technology is right for you.

Historic Mysteries

From campus ghosts to an elusive Secret Society, Britechester boasts its share of the unexplained.

Evergreen Harbor

Port Promise

This smoggy old port may make you gag, but it’s an adequate place to learn about industrialisation.

Grim’s Quarry 

The quaint Suburbs near the historic quarry is a sweet destination for any evergreen enthusiast.

Confiner Station

This pretty area on the outskirts of the city has a historic train station to visit.

Mt. Komorebi

Snow Sports

The mountain town of Yukimatsu is a snowy escape for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and rock climbing. 

Onsen Venue

After a fun (or painful?)  day of frolicking in the snow, relax and recover in the Onsen’s healing hot springs.

 Mountain Climbing Excursion 

Plan a group excursion and attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Komorebi.