How to fix “not expanded to ops” Sims 4 ZenView apartment error

Apartments in The Sims 4 have had a few strange issues over the last few months. Some of these started when the new apartments were added with the Eco Lifestyle expansion.

The Pinecrest apartments error has been explained already, but we recently picked up a glitch that allows you to edit the exterior of apartments in both the Evergreen Harbor neighbourhood and City Living’s San Myshuno neighbourhood.

But there is another problem occurring with the ZenView apartments in San Myshuno. The problem was previously reported in 2018, but was seemingly fixed after that.

Sims 4 Zenview Apartments Edit Not Expanded To Ops 2

Another error, in the same apartment building, says ?invalid rounded room? when trying to edit the balcony in one of the ZenView apartments.

Sims 4 Zenview Apartments Edit Not Expanded To Ops 3

However, the problem is back and while it is annoying, there is a way to get around the error for the time being.

How to fix the Sims 4 ZenView ?not expanded to ops? error

It is not a long term fix for the error, but it is a workaround to make it possible to edit the entire floorplan of the ZenView apartments again.

To get around the ?not expanded to ops? problem, you have to delete the stairs in both apartments before attempting to build in the apartments. If there is a family living in one of these, just go in and delete the stairs then return to the empty apartments you want to edit.

Once you have deleted both sets of stairs, you should be able to modify the floor plan again.

When you have finished with the ZenView apartment edits, you should be able to place the stairs back in.

It is not clear what exactly is causing the problem, especially since it is one that occurred before.

We hope that it might suggest there is a chance of being able to build our own apartments in The Sims 4 in the near future, though. Perhaps even with a new expansion pack with a ?Town Life? theme. ?