Sims Sessions: In-game music festivals coming to The Sims 4

If you?re hankering for weekends of not showering properly and sleeping in a tent all to watch live music, fear not. A sort of mini music festival is coming to The Sims very soon.

Sims Sessions is an in-game music festival taking place in the virtual world of The Sims 4 which was announced earlier this week.

And while older generation Simmers (that’s us, by the way) might never have heard of the artists performing at the upcoming events, perhaps those of us who have been playing for the 20 years aren?t the primary target market for the game any more. No disrespect meant towards the artists, by the way.

The line-up will include two-time Grammy-nominated pop star Bebe Rexha returns to The Sims and will perform in Simlish as Glass Animals? lead singer Dave Bayley and singer, songwriter and producer Joy Oladokun will take to the stage in the virtual world.

sims sessions festivals
Sims attending an in-game music festival in The Sims 4. Photo: EA

While The Sims team have remained somewhat economical with the exact details, it seems reasonable to assume that some sort of new functionality will be added with the upcoming base game patch.

Currently, there is an existing festival gameplay feature, but these are exclusive to expansion packs and the announcement for the Sims Sessions made it clear that players only require The Sims 4 base game to attend the performances.

Festivals are part of the City Living Expansion Pack (which was recently available as a free trial through Origin) and the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack, so there might be some similarity between how they function and these new live music festivals.

Challenge Events also exist in the base game and have seen various interations like the Bunny Egg Hunt, the Sprint Challenge, Day of the Dead and the PlantSim Challenge, amongst others.

Which world or in which lot the festivals will be hosted was also not official confirmed by The Sims at the time of writing, but from the promos, it seems to be Magnolia Blossom Park from the Willow Creek neighbourhood (h/t Iron Seagull).

Ahead of the first concert on 29 June 2021, both The Sims 4 base game and The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe is on sale on Origin and Steam.