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The Sims 4 CC: TSR picks of the week ? 4 October

Sims 4 Custom Content Bedroom

There are some incredibly talented Sims 4 Custom Content creators out there. From hairstyles to skin tones, clothing and furniture ? the Sims 4 CC community help take our games to the next level.

But there is so much to browse through that it can all get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to playing The Sims 4.

Personally, I love using CC ? and I can?t wait until there is a fix for the September patch that broke all CC windows, doors and arches.

For a while now, I?ve been thinking about doing a weekly favs list. It can be tricky to compile these because the Sims 4 has such a diverse player base and one person’s picks might not appeal to everyone else.

Still, if nothing else, hopefully these weekly picks might introduce someone to a creator they have not heard of before.

There are a couple of things I look for when picking custom content for The Sims 4.

Most important: textures of all the swatches. Whether it’s alpha CC or Maxis Match, textures need to deliver.

They don’t have to be super high quality, just as long as it does not look as if it was done in Microsoft Paint. If the object is really good and one or two swatches render this way, it’s not a deal breaker since they can easily be removed with The Sims 4 Studio.

Another top priority for my Sims 4 CC picks is the versatility of the objects. Even if a set was designed for something like a coffee shop, having items that can be used in all parts of the game makes it worth the while.

Everyone has their own preferences and that’s completely fine. But I find it useful to clarify personal criteria so that others aren?t discouraged from at least trying the custom content  I reviewed ? even if I might not give it a ten out of ten.

Somewhat less important is how well the CC functions with EA’s own content. Not in terms of blending in, but if a CC office desk was made only for its own PC, for example, I usually think twice about keeping it.

For this week, I?ve kept things fairly simple. All of this week’s CC comes from thesimsresource.com ? one of the most extensive libraries of Sims 4 creator content out there.

Unless otherwise stated, the images used here all belong to the creators? themselves and were all taken from TSR. Download links are included and will open the TSR website in a new window.

Custom Content for The Sims 4: This week’s picks

Dargez Office of by jomsims

Sims 4 Custom Content From The Sims Resource

Not all of the swatches on this set are perfect (although, I might just be picky) – and the lights are a little bit white light rather than warm light, but overall, there are some great additions here to spruce up a boring office in The Sims 4. Get it on TSR over here.

Naturalis by SIMcredible!

Sims 4 Custom Content From The Sims Resource 3

One of my personal favourite creators, this set includes a few components – including some plants not pictured here. Some of the plant textures, however, are a bit too hyper-realistic for my personal taste.

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The bed and all the blankets that come with it are simply gorgeous though, as is the little side table that works perfectly well in a greenhouse, on the balcony or in an entryway.

The blanket and pillows, however, can be a bit tricky to find in your game (some of them show up only in decorations, not comfort). You can easily solve this, though, by using TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod or by adding additional tags using The Sims 4 Studio.

If nothing else appeals to you, the string lights alone are definitely worth getting on their own and would fit both a Maxis Match and alpha style player. Head over to TSR for this and other delights from SIMcredible.

Coffee Shop Set by Syboubou

We haven’t seen much of this creator’s work before and while I decided not to keep any the counters, the clutter in this set is just too adorable. Here’s a screenshot from in my game.

Sims 4 Custom Content From The Sims Resource 4

The textures are more on the realistic/alpha side, so if you prefer Maxis Match CC, best to give this one a skip. Get it over on TSR.