sims 4 base game patch june 2020

Sims 4 June patch date: Base game updates coming before Eco Lifestyle

Update: The patch has been delayed and will now release on 3 June.

The Sims 4 will get a brand new patch with fundamental changes to gameplay ahead of the new Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

Some of the features were revealed during the live stream preview of the expansion on Thursday. Amongst others, the Sims 4 June patch will include ladders, firefighters, repos, a change to how bills and utilities work, the ability to sort Sims? inventories by category and free window and door placement.

Bills and utilities

The system will get an overhaul in The Sims 4 June patch. The system will be more comprehensive and when players click ?Show Bills Information?, they will get a break down of all their bills an utilities. Naturally, this means that if the bills aren’t honoured, Sims will have their items repossessed.

Read more about the Sims 4 June patch for bills and utilities here.

Other updates coming to The Sims 4 in the June patch

Ladders will also come in a free update, this was confirmed when the trailer for the new Eco Lifestyle expansion was released. Fire fighters will also make a comeback and will show up as NPCs when your Sims set things on fire.

A big change coming to build mode is the ability for players to place windows and doors freely, without the constraints of these snapping to a grid. Even the Gurus themselves appreciate the difference this will make to gameplay.

Sims 4 June patch date

The patch will be released on 2 June 2020, three days prior to the release of the new Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion, according to Sim Guru Jill.