Sims 4 new game pack: Hints or nothing from Guru on Twitter

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Here we go again. Over two weeks since the icon for the new Sims 4 game pack leaked on the official site and still Simmers are none the wiser about what the pack might be or when it will be released.

There are some good theories, though. They range widely from it being some sort of Star Wars/space pack to an underwater pack to a winter retreat or even a Norse Mythology pack.

But the Sim Gurus are gonna guru and for the last two weeks, Simmers have been driving themselves around the bend (we include ourselves in that) about what might or might not be a hint.

Enter Sim Guru George: The Chief of the Pranksters with three mischievous traits.

Well-know on the Twitter streets for being a sneaky instigator of hints that are or maybe are or are not. Look, we are in camp ?we?ll take anything at the moment just to keep ourselves entertained?.

On Wednesday, Sim Guru George blessed us, peasants, with some more cryptic messages on Twitter.

We do not know much more about his unfinished build and we are not even going to try and speculate about what these new messages might mean. Well, not yet anyway.

As is the case with all our speculation posts, we must stress that this is just speculation. Not that we are even speculating on this one. We’re just sharing these and throwing our hands in the air, vaguely gesturing and exhaling in exasperation.

Sim Guru George’s new ‘hints’ … or are they?

It all started with this.

Then later, we got this.

Okay then. We have odd. We have prime. We have the letter N. We have a Wednesday. We also do not have time for this right now. But at least we got something – which is a bit better than the weeks of silence, huh.